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Can I look for jobs myself or do I have to contact my local Manpower office?
You can easily find opportunities using the search bar at the top of this page. Indicate the type of job, industry or skill you are seeking and the geographic area where you would like to work. Click 'Find Job'. You can also register with Manpower by creating a professional profile.

Does Manpower continue to support me after I join a position?
Yes. As a Manpower partner, we are committed to helping you succeed. Within the company your manager will be a resource for daily employment related questions. At the same time, at Manpower we will be available to help you if you have any questions or concerns related to Human Resources. If you've been hired for a permanent role through Manpower, we'll support you for 90 days as you transition into your new position. After this period, you should speak to your direct supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.

Does Manpower offer other benefits?
Yes. We want working with us to be your best option. For this reason, we have the ManpowerGroup Impulsa Plan, which offers you a series of benefits that range from work-life balance and professional development, to exclusive economic advantages. Join the Manpower experience!

How does the selection process work?
When your skills and interests are a good match for a job opening, we'll walk you through the different steps in the process, including an interview to get to know you. This information will help us connect you with companies looking for your profile and opportunities that fit your career objective.

I'm having some difficulties applying for a job online. Can somebody help me?
Yes. If you have any difficulty registering for an online offer, please contact wit us. Our technicians will help you with your incident. You can also contact us through our form by clicking  here .

What positions are available to me?
Manpower offers temporary and permanent employment opportunities for a wide variety of skills and industries. Are you looking for opportunities in the field of IT, Engineering or Finance? Enter Experis, and start to shine.

What do I need to do after submitting my CV or applying for a position?
Finding you a job is Manpower's top priority. As soon as we find an opportunity that suits your profile, we will contact you to explain the next steps. In the meantime, you can continue applying to the new opportunities that we publish, and notify us if your contact information, interests... change so that we can assign you to the processes that best suit your expectations.

How can I know the status of my candidacy?
If you have already signed up for the offer and your profile meets the requirements, our consultants will be able to contact you. We wish you good luck!

How can I send you my CV?
To send us your CV, you just have to register through . In this way, our consultants will be able to access your profile and take you into account in the selection processes that we have underway. We wish you good luck!

Manpower Collaborators

Is there any economic charge applied to me for being a Manpower collaborator?
No, in no case. At Manpower we work by your side to find your next job opportunity at no cost to you.

professional resources
What kind of professional development resources does Manpower offer?

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