Flexible workforce solutions according to your needs 

Staff leasing or temporary asignment of employees will always meet your current workforce needs. 


Temporary Staffing 

We will provide you with flexible, tailor-made solutions so that unforeseen events do not disrupt your company's procedures and flow. 



We offer you the management of entire departments or specific functions that make it easier for your company to focus on its core business. 



Thanks to our knowledge and solutions in the field of technology, we can offer you HR solutions based on data, in order to optimize services and ensure greater efficiency


What are the Benefits of the Temporary Staffing for the Employer?

You can reach the most accurate candidate source, select and solve your re-employment needs, which may occur again, by getting service with fast and professional methods.

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Temporary Staffing

Manpower has the license number 6 dated 20.7.2013, Private Employment Agency. The main benefit of the temporary employment relationship is It is the ability of employers to flexibly solve the periodic labor requirement, that is, for a certain period of time, without the need for full-time employment. Establishing a temporary employment relationship through Private Employment Offices is one of the most important flexible employment models in the world. In this way, employers can adapt to seasonal changes in labor demand and employees can access a wider variety.

With the temporary transfer of the worker to this employer by the Private Employment Agency, which is authorized by the Turkish Employment Agency, with a temporary worker supply contract with an employer; 

In cases specified in the fifth paragraph of Article 13 and Article 74, in case of military service of the worker and in other cases where the employment contract is suspended, 

In seasonal agricultural works,

• In home services,

In the works that are not considered as one of the main works of the enterprise and that are performed intermittently,

In urgent works in terms of occupational health and safety or in case of compelling reasons that affect production significantly,

In case of an unpredictable increase in the business volume of the enterprise,

It can be established in case of periodic business increases.